The Meero company launches a new file sharing tool, resolutely oriented towards photography: MeeroDrop.

With the advent of digital photography and the democratization of video, sharing large files on the Internet has become imponderable. The leader Wetransfer has changed little since its creation, seeing many alternatives develop such as SwissTransfer, Smash, Framadrop or Firefox Send .

Today Meero is launching a photo-sharing tool, MeeroDrop. Like its colleagues, MeeroDrop can load a large volume of data and share it through a link. But where MeeroDrop makes the difference is in the interface. The photos are presented in the form of a gallery and it is possible to download all or part of the images.

we wanted to create the best visual sharing tool around, dedicated to creative people


The “drops” are valid for 30 days and the administration interface, by means of the free creation of an account, allows to have a synthetic view on the different batches of downloaded images. Currently in beta version, MeeroDrop already announces future developments:

  • Receive notifications
  • Create folders
  • Customize the drops

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